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As a member of a blended family you need to pay careful attention to how your estate is structured to avoid inadvertently disinheriting your children.
if you’re a U.S. taxpayer, learn about the additional information we can provide which allows you to make an important election for your investment in Canadian mutual funds and will make it easier to file your U.S. tax return
Individuals can grant powers to others to manage their affairs in a number of different circumstances using various types of documents, often known as a power of attorney. Being appointed as a substitute decision-maker for someone’s financial affairs through a power of attorney is both an honour and an obligation.
For many families, it is much more important to preserve the family cottage than any other asset. Those who want to leave the cottage to their children must plan for the tax consequences and disputes which may arise upon their death. The concepts here apply to any vacation property, including a ski chalet or condo.
When an estate or gift is left to a child, it can be subject to a family property claim if the child later separates or divorces. But, there are ways to protect the inheritance, ensuring your child remains the sole beneficiary.
A closer look at the comprehensive planning services Kyle Richie and Andrew Feindel provide to a niche market of doctors and dentists, and the proven success of their process-driven approach.